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The Sinis Peninsula stretches for approximately 19 km of coastline between the southwestern limit of Cape San Marco Lighthouse and the northwestern limit of Cape Mannu Lighthouse. Recognized as an “Eden” destination of excellence by the European Commission, it is considered an authentic paradise, within which extraordinary natural and faunistic beauties are preserved, along with archaeological sites of global significance and cultural evidence of the most important Mediterranean civilizations. In the 26,000 hectares of this territory preserved from human intervention, one can enjoy authentic landscapes adorned with marvelous white beaches, pristine dunes, small untouched islands, salt lakes, ponds, cliffs, bays, and coves that are unparalleled. The crystal-clear waters of the area are renowned for their quality, and the sea provides shores where bathers can swim safely, as well as spaces for water sports activities. The bays also offer excellent anchorages for sailing and motor navigation.