Salina Manna

Behind the beach of Putzu Idu, separated by a narrow strip of land,
lies Salina Manna.
This small body of water connected to the nearby Pauli Marigosa
represents an important area for the migration and nesting of
numerous bird species such as pink flamingos, marsh harriers,
peregrine falcons, Italian knights, and seagulls, as well as
amphibians and turtles.
The surrounding environment is dominated by a semi-intact Spanish
Sale ‘e Porcus
The Sale ‘e Porcus pond is the largest temporary pond in
Sardinia and the largest salt pond in Italy. It has an area of about
350 hectares, an average depth of 40 cm, and a maximum depth
of about 1 meter.
It is well-known as a habitat for numerous bird species, especially
migratory waterfowl that have chosen it as a stopover for
wintering and nesting. Some species of raptors such as the
osprey and marsh harrier, the little egret, spoonbill, marsh harrier,
sea partridge, various species of terns, the Eurasian
oystercatcher, and the roseate tern are among the many species
found here. However, the most noteworthy species from a
faunistic point of view is the pink flamingo, which finds its favorite
food, the brine shrimp, in the waters of the Sale ‘e Porcus pond.
Due to its community interest, it was declared a Site of
International Importance in 1982.